Advanced Skill Development Programme in Real Time Embedded System Design, DSP, Robotics & VLSI

Modules in the Syllabus (Six Months Programme):

  • Operating System Basics (Linux OS) and Networking Fundamentals
  • C Language in Linux Environment (The GNU Compiler Collection)
  • Microcontrollers 8051 and PIC ALP(on SBCs)
  • Embedded C Programming (KEIL C and MPLAB)
  • Advanced Microcontrollers (ARM uC Boards from Philips and ATMEL)
  • DSP (TMS 320 and C55x series DSPs with Code Composer Studio and MATLAB)
  • Embedded Linux and Device Drivers
  • RTOS (VxWorks and RTLinux)
  • VLSI (VHDL and FPGAs)
  • Embedded Product Design and TQM(Software Engineering Processes, CM Tools, PM)
  • Project on Robotics

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